Diesel Sneaker

Multicolour sneaker in mesh and suede from Diesel featuring an round toe, a lace fastening, a pull tab at the rear and a white rubber sole.
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Lungisani Duma
Wrong Size. (I’m quite upset actually and I will explain on review)

Your website does not specify whether the sneakers are in UK or US sizes. In future you must explicitly state the type of size displayed (Displaying size alone is not sufficient and it is actually misleading and dangerous. Which lead me to the next point.

Generally, (I’m saying this with so much confidence since I’m an online shopaholic [and I’m working on that]. Online shopping general uses US size for (men) shoes. If they’re not; they specify that next to a shoe number if it UK or SA.

I’m actually quite upset and disappointed that this blunder (or whatever you wanna call it) took place. I’m 27 and unemployed with a two {Humanities} degrees. My mom used to buy me me Diesel (amongst many other high end and luxury brand) So, it kinda of a tradition and habit former to buy on Diesel.

Which bring me to my next point. I buy diesel from Diesel website. I bought 2 jeans, and polo shirt and a PAIR of sneakers and guess what - next to shoe size number they specifically stated that : they are size UK sizes. E.g (UK - 8. Which is my size!)

What infuriated me the most and unfortunate is that; I had this shoes (same shoes but 2 different colours on my specifically stated UK size )on my cart with my other stuff from the Diesel. But, Diesel had no UK 8 on the these white with lime. I was contemplating between the other white with reddish color and these on your online shop. Add I ultimately made a grave mistake and chose this color. Your site had a sale up by Monday and Diesel Black Friday started on Thursday at 20h00. And you were with timed with 3 hours to clear your cart or it goes back to the shop. I was forced to make a quick decision on picking the color for these sneakers. And by Thursday I had already love this color which was on my cart since Monday.

This was my first time buying Diesel from Just Japs. I didn’t even know that they have Diesel as one of their luxury brands. I don’t bother myself by entering and looking at stuff which I can’t afford. They literally (Gateway) always have mannequins with Versace (Which is more silly now because Versace has it own botique shop now at Gateway {in the same floor even 🤯}) I buy Diesel from both offline and online shop.

With all that ranting, I can say that I was wearing this sneakers this past weekend. And they loved the neon limish color (Red would have been ugly or looked like another brand). Neon colours are a fashion staple in Diesel!

I made this work buy making this my clubbing sneakers.
If you’re clubbing animal like me. It is a well-known fact that; clubbing sneakers should be a size higher than your normal size to avoid things like swelled up feet, smelly feet and fungus on your feet. Hence, avoid wearing them when clubbing or change into some other branded sneakers. You can’t go clubbing with brand new white, high end and luxury branded sneakers. (Only less than 1% of the country can afford that...!)

POSITIVES : My sneakers delivery was very fast ( I thinking during the weekend or Monday) and I got the Diesel package on Friday. Despite both of them being bought at the same time. So, I gave the 5 stars sole because of that.

I will come back next year on your online shop on Black Friday. To see if : type of size is specified or not. Hopefully, it will be there. If not - then I’m afraid I will stick to Diesiel online shop like I’ve always done. ✅ (even though they not as fast as you). If you hellbent then on not putting the type of shoe size sign, then like everyone, US should be the default size. So that, I don’t end up with a wrong size UK 9 instead of US 9.

PS : I just discovered that both online shops did not have a size US 9 on this color. I would have ended with a white-tint ofred anyway. And would have not gotten the ubiquitous and unwavering compliments. 🥰

...And “NO” , I’M NOT A KAREN or his husband.

Not-So-Very Kind Regards

How did I miraculously ended up with a size 10? I clicked on “Submit Verified Review” and it took me back to the order and it size 10 (and yes the default size is US based on the package I received) 😭


I’m not gonna delete my opinion because my point still stand.

I do feel stupid now and even more dazed and upset.